Get to Know Our Team: Jason

Our fearless founder Jason Sisley spends his time traveling the globe and riding horses–when he’s not plugging away at the office, of course!

Originally hailing from Orlando, Florida, this former skater kid lives in Chicago with his wife, and started Den Aviary 5 years ago.

You’re a well-traveled guy, where’s your favorite place to go?
Denmark! I have Danish roots on my mother's side and have always wanted to go, but I’d never been until our honeymoon. I just fell in love with it from an aesthetic perspective, and the people are really friendly. There’s this tiny little island in the south that's just beautiful, called Ærø. I specifically remember beautiful rolling mustard fields and riding bikes across the island for hours. It was gorgeous. That’s what what I think of when I think of Denmark.

Riding horses is a big hobby of yours. How did you get into that?
My wife! I actually had two “first” experiences. We went to Hawaii after we started dating, and she wanted to ride horses on the beach. But that morning, my pants and boots had been stolen from the trunk of our car, so I was in board shorts and reef shoes, galloping on the beach... it was very uncomfortable and I knew I looked like a complete dork. It did not stick. The real first time is when we went on a dude ranch vacation in Wyoming for her birthday. We met amazing people, the horses were awesome, and the surroundings made it a great experience so I got really into it. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a cowboy for the rest of my life. We're starting to get into competing now, which is another passion of mine.

Oh, cool! What kind of competition?
It’s called Eventing: there’s Dressage (which I'm terrible at), Show Jumping (which means I get to wear fancy clothes), and Cross Country (which I love more than anything on earth). You do all three events with the same horse over 3 days.

If you could get a beer with anyone (alive or dead), who would it be?
David Bowie, no doubt. He’d probably have a lager. I imagine he wouldn’t want a lot of fruity flavor in his beer.

List your pocket contents:
Pocket knife, folding comb, keys, chapstick, receipt, Kleenex

Guilty pleasure song:
Pet Shop Boys - “You Were Always on my Mind” (Willie Nelson cover) If other people were around I’d turn it off, but if other people weren’t around I’d turn it up.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
I'm terrible at following advice. I forget it all the time.

GIF: how do you say it?
I say GIF, my wife says JIF. We have had real arguments about this.