Get to Know Our Team: Michelle

Michelle Frandsen, our Director of Email Operations, hails from Troy, Michigan. She lives in Chicago with her husband and their two daughters. Not just an email expert, Michelle loves to travel to wine country and spend time with her family.

How did you end up at Den Aviary?
I moved to Chicago for a job after college and was there for awhile (6 years). Part of my job there was running the B2B email program and I really enjoyed it. If I had extra time that’s what i would do, tinkering around with emails. I applied for a job at Groupon to work with and learn from other leading email marketers. Brent [Hartings] hired me and taught me everything I know–after he left Groupon and joined forces with Jason at Den Aviary, they reached out and wanted me to come join the team. It’s been two years!

We hear you’re a wine connoisseur.
My husband introduced me to wine. I can't say that I'm a connoisseur but I definitely enjoy learning about the regions, process, and of course, tasting. It's something we enjoy doing together.

And you’ve traveled to a lot of great wine regions?
A lot of our trips are wine-related! Doug and I went to Argentina–flew into Buenos Aires and then went to Mendoza, which is the Malbec region. We honeymooned in Italy, and we’ve visited Santa Barbara. Doug’s been to Napa but I’ve never been! It’s on our list, along with Willamette Valley in Oregon, for Pinots. I’d love to go to France too!

Any favorites among the places you’ve been?
Italy was pretty great. There’s a town south of Florence called Sienna which was one of my favorites. A very cute town!

What are some other things you like to do?
I like to crochet. It’s my inner grandma! The latest thing I made was a baby blanket for a friend. I’ve gotten into gardening–mostly flowers and house plants. One of my daughters picked out a little plant to take care of herself, but as expected I'm doing most of the work. Hopefully as they get older we can do more of that together.

What’s your favorite food?
Definitely pizza.

Pineapple as a pizza topping: yes or no?
Yes, absolutely. No shade on pineapple. We ate a lot of Hawaiian pizza growing up.

List your pocket contents:
Nothing! They’re stitched shut! But usually with me is my phone, keys, chapstick...

Guilty pleasure song:
Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
“No risk, no reward.” I used to be too cautious not pushing myself enough but now I know you have to take chances. And so far that’s been successful!

GIF: how do you say it?
“Guh” - it’s pronounced Gif.