What's in a Name?

Jason Sisley, President & Chief Strategist

In case you’re wondering why the name Den Aviary (or even if you’re not), here’s the story.

Way back in the early 90’s a friend had introduced me to the band Jawbox. J. Robbins, singer / guitarist / producer, became a huge influence on my love for music and went on to form the band Burning Airlines (Brian Eno reference).

With their release, Identikit, in 2001 the first track was called Outside The Aviary. This was my first introduction to Burning Airlines and I just couldn’t get the song out of my head.

Aside from the amazing musicians and powerful vocals behind Burning Airlines, I was drawn to the passion behind their lyrics. Plus, the name sounded pretty cool.

In recent years, I’ve taken an active interest in finding out more about my family heritage. My mother’s side of the family is Danish. I’ve since taken multiple trips to Denmark (one being my honeymoon) and have fallen in love with the culture. The word “the” in Danish is “den”. Therefore, Den Aviary is simply a mashup into “The Aviary”.

It’s unique, has personal meaning and I like it.