The Specials by email program offers market-specific special offer packages for both the brand and its affiliates. It was taking upwards of 8 hours to assemble the content and build the requisite audience segments. We wanted to decrease this development cycle, while facilitating consistency with what is listed on their site for given markets.


We would create a process to dynamically assembled their email content based on localized offer data, which would increase the relevance of the messages to their intended end user while dramatically decreasing development time.

We conceived a process by which’s eCommerce platform (NimbleCommerce) would provide the same market offer data driving the Specials by website, which would in turn be consumed by’s email platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ExactTarget. Within SMC/ET, queries and dynamic scripting were heavily employed to leverage this data to generate emails with offers specific to each customer’s market.


Offer content in Specials by’s emails is now entirely driven by the data directly from the offer management platform that feeds their webpage. RDC simply has to indicate the markets to include in the email. As everything is data-driven scripting, content is automatically defined by each audience member's own market, without the need for further intervention on the offer content. In short, the process is set up such that the campaign is fully data integrated with NimbleCommerce, eliminating what was a large amount of data entry and development for every campaign, by leveraging what had already been developed for the website along with existing customer data.

The strongest metric of this project’s success is time saved. What used to take several hours in setting up these campaigns, even for just a few markets, is now a matter of minutes...irrespective of the markets covered.