Challenge: was looking for a way to invigorate engagement with its consumer base by deploying a retargeting email to consumers who've expressed an interest in a particular vehicle. The idea was to build a process that recreated a user’s initial vehicle search, recreate it and select additional similar vehicles to display in the email. This all needed to be built without the use of an API or similar device that can easily deliver and manipulate data.   


Den Aviary developed the intelligence and business rules that drove the re-creation of the initial vehicle search. We then built processes that pulled data from the client, performed all of the intelligence, provided results back to the email platform, merged those results with the correct email versions and sent the email.

Due to the volume of data and amount of data processing needed to recreate certain user search criteria, we developed a process that would run on cloud servers instead of the email service platform.   


The final deliverable to the client produced emails that effectively engaged their consumer base 500% better than the previous email. We have also tuned the program to complete all data processing in half the time compared to the initial run.